TEAM INTELLECT (sole proprietor) is established in 1992 at Sofia, Bulgaria.
The owner is Mrs. Neviana Boumbarova - Manager.
TEAM INTELLECT`s mission is to provide interface between today's business enterprises and the technology and information they need - to adapt successfully to the ever-changing demands of the modern business world.
Main Activity

ICT - Wireless Data Transfer (radio and GSM), Signal processing, Encryption, Art Design

Neviana Boumbarova
M.S. in Computer Sciences
M.S. in Economics
Ognian Boumbarov
Technical Consultant
M.S. in Radio Technologies
Ph.D. in Image Processing
Georgy Balabanov
Research Engineer
M.S. in Telecommunications
Minko Minkov
Sport Consultants
M.S. in Sports
Ph.D. in Automation for Sports
Emilia Chaushova
Industrial Design Consultant
M.S. in Creative Design

The specialists are competent to offer special solutions to meet the specific Client’s demands.

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